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How did I start...

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Hi again, This is Serge Khal, the founder of One Piece Delivery. The whole idea of this company came to me when I was working as a Foreman for a big moving company that specializes in big moves, local and long-distance, big trucks only. I worked for them for almost three years, doing jobs big and smaller, from town to town, city to city, state t

o state, trying to keep a good job on every single one. Through that time, I learn a lot, almost from knowing nothing in the moving industry to a person who can successfully organize a big move in an unknown location with a rented truck and local helpers that you meet for the first time. Someone said you have to fail your way to success, that's true, every day in moving, I dealt with something that I saw for the first time, and of course, you sometimes fail, best you can do is to fail once and then do never repeat that mistake. Elon Musk said in his interview, "We had tons of failures, that's for sure." I had pounds, hundreds of pounds. So when I started One Piece Delivery, I think I saw and moved everything, from Huge Artificial

Elephants to $100,000 Grand Pianos. From stuffed cheetahs to monster custom-made cabinets 12 feet tall and 6 feet wide, from golf carts to all types of motorcycles, you may not even imagine what people may ask you to move. After two years on the road, I got promoted to work and stay only in Florida, which was a significant relief for me, my wife, and my newborn daughter.

A day when my daughter was born had changed my life. You stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about her and her future. New thoughts began coming up in my head that I had to do something on my own, that maybe I should start moving company myself. So I opened a company and called it Global Trusted Van Lines, thinking that I could create the world's best long-distance company. That was too ambitious without savings and a lot of bills to pay. I couldn't dedicate too much time to this company and couldn't leave the job that gave me my financial support.

Anyway, I had this company for about a year, I did about 45 jobs, and all of them were successful. Still, I figured out that a Long distance is not for me. If I can not guarantee safe and on-time deliveries to others states, I should not do it. We were great on pick-ups in Florida, but you have to rely on contractors in all other States, and trust me, it may be very stressful. Imagine your shipment is going to California, and it is on time; you already called the customer and told him the time and date. But suddenly, somewhere in Texas, the driver decided to take a well-paid job to Illinois, yes opposite way, which caused more than two weeks of delays. I take every single job too close to my heart and for me to disappoint the client and fail to deliver on time is the worst feeling. Probably you have to be heartless or soulless to do this kind of a job or hire someone heartless or soulless. So I couldn't do it anymore. I was broken and devastated, but I couldn't leave the idea to open something on my own, something that would help people, and then I had an insight.

Once, they told me that we don't start our trucks unless it's a $500 job; I had a friend who needed just one couch moved a couple of miles, and I couldn't help him, so I ended up renting a high roof van from Enterprise. When I opened the van's back doors and loaded that couch inside, I saw an enormous potential; I saw about 500 cubic feet of space that you may fill with all types of furniture. The same day I started working on this idea and called the company ONE PIECE so everyone who indeed to make a small move, just one or a couple of pieces and unable to do it on their own, now have an option, option that they can afford, company that would take care of their small job. I came with this idea to the CEO of this company and asked them if they would like to be a part of it. They said, No, that's it's too much work and its not worth it, and I agreed that it is tons of work, and I left this company in the summer of 2018. It was a great place to work but not to grow, unfortunately.

This is how I started, and now I'm here to help you. Since the time we opened in 2018, we have accomplished more than ten thousand jobs, thousands of happy customers, hundreds of positive reviews and referrals. We are local; we here and ready to help; we guarantee you pick up and delivery with a success rate of 99%. Thank you for reading until the end; we appreciate your business, time, and support.

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