• Serge Khal

2 Weeks after I started my Master Class Training in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Hey, I'm Serge with One Piece Delivery, welcome to my page, two weeks ago I started my first classes online to learn basics at adobe premiere. To get better, I have to practice, practice every day, and You cannot even imagine what a new world you may open for yourself in just a couple days since then you realize that your option to create is limitless. In this ad, I used three layers of the same video.

Bottom Layer - background, fully visible Middle Layer - all letters and phrases Top Layer - a copy of the Bottom Layer with an inverted opacity mask on top of it. All action is happening between Bottom and Top Layers. Done in 1 hour and 20 min, if you want to see the whole process, follow me on YouTube. YouTube, in my opinion, is much better for Desktop computer practice. I will upload this video tomorrow, by the end of the day. Thanks!

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