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Fully Equipped Moving Vehicle


If you've decided to hire One Piece Delivery as a moving company to help you out with your next move, then you shouldn't worry about a thing because we are the expert full-service moving company, we always arrive on time with our professional moving equipment. We provide you with exceptional moving services available yet, we are the movers you can trust, and you don't even have to lift a finger.


So, what moving equipment we have to prove the statement that delivery experts at One Piece Delivery are professional movers?


Here's a list of moving equipment and tools that are a must on every single van with One Piece Delivery logo on it, guaranteed!


  1. Cargo van - your best moving choice

The most crucial piece of our moving equipment is the moving vehicle we would use to transport your household items.


We stopped our choice on Mercedes vans sprinters 2500-3500, high roof vehicles to fit almost 500 cubic feet worth of furniture.

To our opinion and deep research, these cargo vans are the best among all variety of brands. Diesel, 2500-3500 lb gross weight, look like they were created especially for our company, no jokes, fast, reliable, an excellent choice for busy district areas, the areas you want to avoid on 26 or 16 feet trucks especially during the rush hours. It is a 100% time saver for us, and a money saver for you. Fits up to 1 bedroom apartment, so if you have a studio or not an overstuffed one-bedroom apartment - definitely give us a try. Our vans are perfect for fast, small moves for people who care about their time and money.

   2. Moving dollies and hand trucks


We protect our employees, protect your belongings, protect your property, and protect our reputation. That's why our vans and movers equipped with the best possible moving equipment available on the market. I'm Serge Khal, the founder of this company with seven years of successful moving experience, and this delivery company was created to ensure the safest and fastest way to move things around. You have to trust my choice and experience.


The importance of using the right moving dolly or hand truck during a house move cannot be stressed enough. We use only heavy-duty four wheels furniture dollies, one dolly specially dedicated to the furniture, next one to stack as many boxes as possible, the other one to haul big and bulky flat pieces successfully. 


Hand truck – is the upright L-shaped kind of moving dolly that comes equipped with two rubber tires and Aluminium handle. Aluminum hand tracks - these are our best friends, they watch our back, there is no move you can start without a hand truck, its a must moving equipment. With a hand truck, we can haul your fridge or heavy armoire using it. It can hold and roll the weight of 800 lb safe if needed, our biggest thanks to the person who invented this masterpiece of moving equipment. 100% time and live saver. We buy our stuff at this store


Furniture dolly

The furniture dolly – the one with the large flat base and four swivel wheels – is ideal for moving big and awkward household items, unusually large and heavy pieces of furniture such as couches, bookcases, washing machines, and of course – pianos. Whenever moving hard-to-move items with a furniture dolly, ALWAYS make sure you have enough helpers to secure the piece loaded onto the wheeled platform.


Heavy Duty furniture dollies have a weight capacity of around 1200 pounds.


Metal Bars - is a furniture dolly extension to secure the vertical position of flat pieces, such as glass tops, marble tops, huge mirrors, mattresses, etc. there are no limits to your imagination how you may use this equipment. 



   4. Moving pads or heavy-duty blankets


Moving pads are a multi-time reusable alternative to bubble wrap. The thicker blanket moving company is using, the more chances to keep your belongings safe. Here at One Piece Delivery, we make sure to use only the best, most durable heavy-duty pads, thru time we picked one brand of such pads and put our logo on it because our logo is the guarantee of top quality. How we wrap your furniture with moving pads, you may see on our website in all different videos. Use of blankets slowed down the actual time of work, so if you are on a tight budget, then you should skip on wrapping the furniture and ask guys to protect your belongings with the blankets on the van. Still, some items can not be skipped and have to be blanket wrapped, like glass pieces or leather furniture, especially if you have to deal with stairs or elevators were chances to damage your furniture increases.



   5. Moving straps and rope


Here at One Piece Delivery, we use ratchet straps with hooks and different ribbon straps; each van equipped with all possible different sizes and a different definition of moving straps. We understand that everything has to be secured during the move, but you can not use the same strap to strap a lamp or King size mattress, so we make sure nothing is left behind unstrapped.


   6. Tools, toolbox, toolkit


Since the time One Piece Delivery is operating (August 2018), we have accomplished more than 5000 successful deliveries. We went through all different kinds of furniture, from Ikea and antique pieces to high-end Italian modern furniture our toolboxes are ready to take any challenge. We make sure our power tools charged, and our measure tape is not missing.


   7. Packing material


We understand that sometimes it is a last-minute move or some emergencies, and you are unable to pack some of your belonging. Our vans are equipped with a small number of moving boxes, five large boxes, three wardrobe boxes, mirror packs. We use only heavy-duty boxes - this way, we may rent it to you for the time of the move and keep your rate as low as possible. All these packing material is available for purchase as well. If you want your clothes to be hanging wardrobe box dedicated to that, if you have lots of miscellaneous items like bedding stuff of pillows, all that may be packed to wardrobe boxes as well to save your time. Please try to be ready for the move, if not, then we would take care of everything.


Moving tape - is a number one packing supply we provide for FREE, no charges for using tape, cause it is our responsibility to make sure your furniture is well wrapped and you don't need to worry about it.


Mattress cover -we use three mils (thick and durable) mattress bags, one size fits all (up to California King), we provide 1 FREE mattress cover per job

   8. Ramp


Our Ramp is 6 feet long and 2.5 feet wide, portable, that means we can not only use it to get to our van, but also climb 4-5 steps of stairs, to your trailer, or storage container holds up to 800 lb.


   9. Piano skid


RK Safety 6' Piano Moving Skid Board, Blue -RK-PMB-1 It is a compulsory gadget to move a piano safely and efficient way

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