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Heavy Couch ? We Can Help

Heavy Couch? One Piece Delivery specializes in moving heavy couches. We have the equipment and expertise to safely transport your couch to its destination

Serving South Florida, One Piece Delivery ensures your heavy couch moves are smooth and protected with our Sprinter Vans equipped with the safest moving tools. Forget the stress, trust the experts! Visit us at

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Moving Van and 2 Fully Equipped Movers ready to move your Heavy Couch

10 Steps We Do
for Successful
Heavy Couch Move

1 / Evaluation:

When our team arrives at the customer's home, we begin by evaluating the couch and the space for any potential moving challenges such as tight corners, doorways or stairs.

2 / Preparing the Couch:

We remove any removable parts like cushions, legs, or sofa bed parts. 

3 / Protective Wrapping:

We wrap the couch in heavy-duty moving blankets and secure them with tape, protecting it from any damage during the move.

4 / Clearing the Path:

We ensure the path to and from the van is clear of any obstacles that could hinder the moving process.

5 / Using Moving Tools:

We secure the couch onto a hand truck or dolly to effortlessly and safely transport it to the van.

6 / Ramp Usage:

We utilize our 6-foot ramps to smoothly load the couch into the van without causing any strain to our team or damage to the couch.

7 / Loading into Van:

We securely place the couch in the van, ensuring it is properly supported and stabilized to avoid any shifts during the move.

8 / Van Safety Check:

Before setting off, we conduct a safety check to make sure everything is secured and all the doors are properly shut.

9 / Unloading at Destination: 

Upon arriving at the destination, we carefully unload the couch using the same ramps and moving tools.

10/ Couch Set-Up:

We complete the delivery by setting up the couch in the new location as per the customer's specification and ensure they are satisfied with the service.

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