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May 17th, 2020

May 17th. Monday morning, usually you start driving towards the customer 1 hour in advance. Not today. A significant number of businesses are still closed, so thirty minutes is enough to get from the Aventura area, where our office located, to the private house in Coral Gables. Tony Robbins is telling me what I should do today through the speakers of my van. "Wake Up," he tells me, "Start your way today, change your life," and I'm changing. Another social media account opened yesterday, TikTok, another one that started early in the morning, Twitter. Just one guy to follow, Elon Musk, my dream that he would pay attention to my company and would help me build a nationwide transportation company based on Tesla vans is still alive, yes this idea will never die inside me. I cannot stop thinking about tomorrow. Tomorrow is a big move. The large medical office has to move with tons of equipment and hope everything would go smoothly; I need this money now more than ever. Google maps show me that I'm only 5 minutes away, texted the customer, he replied that he is on his way and about 5 minutes behind me. He is purchasing a dining table with six chairs from a private seller, don't know the price, but our fee for moving it from Coral Gables to SLS Brickel in Downtown Miami is only $125. This amount already prepaid through PayPal. Arrived. Tony on pause. Knocking the door, no answer, hit one more time. Sounds of the door opening, 3-4 steps back from the door, mask

down, so the customer can see my face, after greeting mask is back on and a new pair of gloves as well. My standard phrase: "Please show me what do we need to move today?" Restoration Hardware dining table with six chairs, my van is em

pty, so I don't need to wrap all chairs. I have plenty of space to load them standing and nicely strap. Just one heavy-duty moving pad with One Piece Delivery logo on it used to wrap a tabletop. Turning the table upside down, unscrew four screws, another 5 minutes, and we are ready to go for delivery. The customer arrives with the cash for the table, and all paid, now we can leave. Business card left, 25 minutes drive to Destination, ETA 9:33 am. The whole loading process from the house

ground floor to the van took 11 minutes. Delivery will be a little more stressful, I know. I know this building, two elevators, long carry,

always busy loading area. "You are not on the schedule," - the first thing that you hear in the receiving area. "It's a small, fast delivery" - my reply. Ok, no problem, let me see what I can do for you! No place to park the van, emergency light is on, we decided to unload everything now. Six chairs, table base, tabletop, everything is on the dollies and ready to roll. The first elevator takes you to the 3rd floor where you need to unload everything, move it all through the parking garage, about 75 feet, then another elevator to the 27th floor, the apartment is right there, just a couple more steps. It's hot, breath in this mask is impossible, especially when you "Exercise," I call that heavy lifting. The table is in, assembled, checked for damages, none. Twenty dollars tip. Thank you, Sir, it was e pleasure to help you, but the best tip for us is to recommend us to your friends and family members. "I will definitely will." Another successful delivery is done, one more happy customer. I received a message that the job scheduled for 10:30 am canceled, not good for me cause I'm paying my helper Alex by the hour, and the next task is only at 2 pm. Drove Alex home and told him that I would pick him up at 1:30 pm. Now I have almost 3 hours to do some work, post on Instagram or write a blog today, or make a video in Adobe Premiere, yes, let's write a post to my b

log. The next job I have at 2 pm is a Boxing box, did you ever move a boxing box? I didn't, my first time today, not sure what this thing weights, I guess it's not heavier than a refrigerator, these are my guesses. Let's wait and find out!

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