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Best piano movers in South Florida

Need to move a piano locally?

    Are you moving a piano? Don't even think to do it yourself if you don't have the right equipment, it is dangerous. Here at One Piece Delivery, we have everything to move most sizes of pianos fast and safe. As piano specialists, we perform piano moves every second day, the average time to entirely transport upright piano from point A to point B is about forty minutes, the baby grand piano is one hour and thirty minutes. 
    How we process the move? For upright piano and baby grand piano, we send you a fully equipped moving van with two delivery experts. We provide all the packing material, straps, tape, and tools. With us, you don't need to worry about a thing. We come, wrap, disassemble if required, load, and successfully deliver it to your new place. Our company is the perfect choice when you need to move just one piece of furniture, piano or appliance. If a piano is on the second floor, we send four guys to make sure nobody is hurt, and no walls are damaged. 

Upright Piano

Upright Piano - we love when people call us to move upright piano, spinach piano, organ or electric keyboards, its always fast and easy move, usually two: piano and a bench or sometimes one piece like the name of our company. Price varies from the distance - within five miles, ground floor to ground floor it is only $125, more than 5 miles, up to 50 miles it's $150. Stairs, of course, would change the price, cause we would have to send you another team, if you are willing to help and the piano is not that heavy price would stay the same. We always work with you and your budget. The cheapest way to move a piano is to do it yourself, and the next step is professional moving team from One Piece Delivery.

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