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Our Actions to Covid-19

    During this new coronavirus outbreak, healthy life seems to be a little off the track, but what if you still need to move couple things around or you still need a significant move? We want to suggest our few moving tips and precautions during these hard times.

    Though many small businesses around the US are considered non-essential, moving companies are not on that list yet. We are open to any requests, and you can do so by simply texting us or give us a phone call at 305.610.8004. We will make your move as stress-free as possible.

    We were able to set our moving practices for operating during this pandemic, including physical distancing and sanitization. You can rest assure that all moves made with professional moving equipment and all precaution measures. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will discuss all your concerns.

    One more thing why you want to move with OnePieceDelivery during this time, now there is no such thing as friends help or relative help. We all want to stay safe, that’s the reason why you should call professional movers to help you move that big coach from your second floor.

    One Piece Delivery protects its customers and employees! We follow all federal and local guidelines. You can always text for a quote and send a picture of what you need to move over the phone. We do practice social distancing as much as we can; we wear protective equipment, including face masks and gloves. We keep all our vans clean and stocked with sanitizers and accept all kinds of virtual payment methods. Our company is your safest way to move at this moment.


    We are following all those steps so you can rest assured that moving with OnePieceDelivery can remain the safest way to make small moves!

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